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As Bohemian Office, we make decisions that will enable audiences who regularly buy concert tickets to discover the artist faster. We aim for the ticket sold-out concerts and dominated playlists. By analyzing the sociocultural tendencies and interests of the real fan bases we create for the artist, we make sure the artist and their content are discovered by their audience in the right mood.



We’re building new potential fan bases that the artist hasn’t been able to reach before. We set goals that will bring these audiences to concerts and create positive interaction on digital services such as Spotify.



We analyze the sociocultural trends and interests of the audiences. We develop artist-specific marketing strategies by finding answers to questions such as “What are they happy for, what are they angry about, which YouTube channels they subscribe to”.



We develop unique marketing formulas to truly win over potential audiences. We do digital marketing and PR work for our artists for the right audience, on the right platform.

“Since 2016, we have been receiving support from Soner Akkaya in the digital marketing efforts of our artists. I have to say that he contributed a lot to us.”

Yilmaz Kose (Producer)
“Digital marketing efforts are gaining in value every day. Soner Akkaya sheds light on this path for us.”

Ahu Özışık (Production Director)
Sertab Erener



Music Marketing Strategies in the Light of Data

As Bohemian Office, our approach to music marketing is to achieve the perfect income-expense ratio. After understanding the revenue model of the artists we work with, we set realistic KPI’s. We create real data that he/she will consult at every moment of his/her career.

For which brands does he/she have a strong influence when he/she is the face of an advert? In which city, in which concert hall, when he/she performs, the tickets sell out faster?

For all artists, from the most popular to the newest, we track data that allows us to make the right decisions. To build new audiences, we create potential fan bases. We understand how these audiences fulfill their entertainment needs. We ensure that our artist takes place in the right channels with the right content in front of the potential fan audiences that we are trying to win.

Duo Potential

With which artists does the artist make a feat, and the audience gets excited?

Brand Collaborations

Which brands does the artist's audience prefer?

Entertainment Preferences

What kind of preferences does the artist's audience spend in digital and physical life?
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Digital Music Marketing
Concert Marketing

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Frequently Asked Questions

We create potential fan bases from people who attend your events and listen to your songs and videos without skipping.

Our long-term goal is to build fan bases that are highly committed to the artist. To achieve this, we bring our artists together with the right audience on all digital platforms, especially Spotify. As soon as the song is released, they will listen to the song to the end on Spotify, save it and follow the artist profile; In short, we will have a positive interaction with the song by making the right and real audiences listen to the song through various campaigns. The song, which is positively marked by the Spotify machine, begins to find a place for similar audiences on personalized playlists such as Release Radar, Discover Weekly, and on the radios of similar artists. While the song also performs well on algorithmic playlists, the machine advises Spotify editors to put the song on editorial playlists based on a few values ​​such as mood and genre.

There is an ideal publishing process that we found through trial and error. In accordance with this process, we recommend that you make the release schedule of each song in Single format within a certain date range. For each song, we are planning song-specific marketing campaigns. We want our artists to treat each song as an album and give us the necessary information in this way. For each song, there maybe influencer campaigns, interviews in the media, news and data-driven digital marketing campaigns.

We can choose to do standard marketing campaigns to get such great views for your video. It’s a pretty simple process. However, as Bohemian Office, we recommend that our artists expect 100 thousand views instead of 5 million views, but that at least 10% of these 100 thousand people are people who intend to watch the artist live. All our marketing efforts are aimed at the long-term commercial success of the artist. Instead of random views, we show videos of our artists to people who might actually be related to the artist. After successful YouTube marketing for the artist, we are seeing significant growth momentum in their next contents. You should care about the audiences as much as you care about your music. Understanding the audiences instead of seeing them as numbers and presenting them on the right platforms with the content they will be interested in will bring inevitable success when combined with good music.

When you work with Bohemian Office, you communicate with us full time. However, we often do not prefer to meet with artists we do not work with by phone or face to face. We prefer to start the preliminary interview in writing and continue with a videocall, phonecall or face-to-face meetings during the agreement phase.

It is not technically possible for us to make promises to our artists on such matters that do not have a guarantee result. But we can apply all the necessary work for the artists we work with or guide.

The genres we are strongest are popular music genres such as Pop, World Music, Rap and Rock.

We can market artists and their digital products abroad. These marketing activities include managing application processes with global Spotify editors, rotating songs on the radio, being a guest on podcasts, publishing news/interviews in newspapers and magazines, and digital marketing activities. We can analyze the fairs (eg. WOMEX) that may be beneficial for the artists we work with to perform in the showcases or participate as participants, and develop the necessary strategies for the artist to communicate with the organizers, concert halls and festivals.


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